I’m really struggling right now to come up with a photography idea for 2021. I don’t want to do more macro cassette covers. I’m not sure I want to do regular macro photos. I failed miserably when I tried to do short stories based on a photo.

I’m just... at a loss. 

Any ideas for what I can do? 

While we’re on the subject of photography, think I could find a use for this?



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Nov 16
Ah, the rare correct guess proffered up on Twitter by Tobi (@thebitster) with the late, great Robin Williams. Oh, and after re-reading what I just said in the first sentence, "rare correct guess" is a reference to guesses on Twitter,...
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Nov 18
I follow stuff on eBay a lot. It's a morbid curiosity or "window shopping" sort of thing. I like to find stuff in which I'm interested, follow it, and see how much it winds up selling (or not selling) for....


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