Two weeks ago, our IT Dude from work came by my house to take my MacBook Pro. My battery was going bad and it wouldn’t hold a charge even when plugged in (Zoom drains a battery faster than it can recharge apparently). 

While here, he also took my Dell laptop that I use for cross-platform testing because it was running painfully slow. It had some ancient software on it that I didn’t need and he decided to take care of it for me. 

Today, he brought both computers back to me. 

On the Dell, he restored it to factory settings and updated it to the latest version of Windows, clearing off all unnecessary garbage. It basically has Slack, OpenVPN, and all imaginable web browsers and it runs sooooo fast. 

On my MBP, Apple swapped the battery as well as surgically removed the butterfly keyboard and replaced it with whatever they now use. To do this latter part, though, they had to completely replace the aluminum surround on the keyboard surface, which means I lost a few stickers including a really awesome Stormtrooper art helmet. 


Boooooo!!! I loved that Trooper sticker, but I do have a similar one on the outside lid of my MBP that went untouched along with all my other stickers. 


It works great and the new keyboard means I regain some desk space as I no longer need to use the external keyboard I’ve been employing for years. 

Always silver linings. 

I do need to thank IT Dude. He lives an hour north of me and also drove the extra 45 minutes further SE from my house to go to the Apple Store. Three times, in fact. He’s pretty awesome and great at his job. 

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Marty Mankins

From an IT guy reading this story, that is some dedication.


Right?? Total dedication. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

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