Oct '20...

Some hits. Some misses. Ah, such is October 2020.

1. Blog Play: It's live, baby! You're looking at it! Here are some details.

2. Music Play: Um, not so great this past month. I started with some music from Laura Jane Grace, which, honestly, I don't remember at all. So I'm not even sure I can count it.


Then Eddie died and, well, I just listened to Van Halen music most of the month.

Oh yeah, when I wasn't listening to Van Halen, I did listen to a lot of Vandal Moon's Black Kiss.


That album has become my obsession of late. So, yeah...

3. Camera Play: Still going. Almost done with #MiniMusicMonday. Forever.

4. Word Play: Six books read in October!


Not only am I still caught up, I'm well past my monthly goal and have launched my overall goal ahead by two books.


5. Update Play: Done! 

November. Damn. Now it starts to get cold.

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Marty Mankins

I'm telling you, you are killing it with the book reading. I wish I had that kind of focus. Cause I love to read, but so many other things get in the way.


Thank you! But distractions hit me hard as well. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

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