I’m thankful for many things this year and, given the year this world has been having, that’s saying a lot. 

I’m thankful...

...for my family and their health

...for my son doing well in school and adapting to his “new normal” as well as he has.

...for the jobs Katie and I still have

...that Nathan and I have adapted to our new at-home reality 

...that we really haven’t gotten too fatigued by all that’s happening around us

...that even though this pie looks a little odd, it still tasted magnificent


...that Cheeto will be unemployed come January 20

Thank the Lord almighty for that last one. 


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Nov 25
Katie and I bought our Christmas gifts for each other tonight. We were doing so good about not ruining the surprise for each other until a Black Friday ad dropped yesterday. We both looked at the ad and groaned simultaneously...
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Nov 27
One of the great things about Black Friday as well as the few days leading up to and immediately following it is that you are unpleasantly reminded of all the companies, businesses, organizations, and other newsletters you have subscribed to...


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Suzanne Apgar

It's cup may have runneth over, but it still tasted great! Thanks, Katie!

Marty Mankins

Regardless of the look, I bet that pie was sooo goooood.


It was amazing!

Marty Mankins

And I am thankful for whiskey, too.


I would expect no less.

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