One of the great things about Black Friday as well as the few days leading up to and immediately following it is that you are unpleasantly reminded of all the companies, businesses, organizations, and other newsletters you have subscribed to via email because every single one of them will send you a message on or around Black Friday.


And you can use today to find the Unsubscribe button and remove yourself from their list. I’ve received no less than 80 emails today from legit services I’ve subscribed to over the years. I’ve removed myself from the mailing list of at least half of them.

Praise be and hallelujah! 

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Nov 26
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Nov 28
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Good tip. And for the places I shop frequently, but don’t need to see emails from unless I’m planning to buy something, I’ve set up a filter that dumps their emails into a folder called coupons.


I’d still see the little bubble number indicating I have emails in that folder and it would drive me nuts. Ugh!

Marty Mankins

I so need to do this. I unsubscribe from about 10 a month on average, but for some reason - and I blame a good amount of that on the political season - I end up getting more emails. Between manual unsubscribes and Gmail help, it's not too difficult, but still very time consuming.


I just hate when the unsubscribe doesn’t take effect immediately.

Marty Mankins

Yeah, some say 10-14 days. Most are 48 hours. I think I've had a few work emails where I unsubscribed where it was immediate.


I’ve seen 7-10 days and that’s unacceptable.

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