I found this Christmas movie bracket on Instagram. It was a sponsored post instead of an account I follow so, no, I’m not going to give them free love here. 

But I will steal their bracket.


Check it out! There are some really hard choices right in the first round!


But, here are my choices. Sorry, hon, I went with Love, Actually over her favorite The Holiday. But it was close. Very close. And if I was 10, it would’ve been Story over Vacation, no question. But I’m not.


Home Alone over Die Hard? Yup. That film has become a go-to in our family. Nathan worships it and I find myself enjoying it so much more now than when I was young. Oh and I couldn’t possibly care less about the lower right bracket. Meh.


Home Alone versus Love, Actually? And, yes, that very easily could’ve been The Holiday and it still would’ve made it as far.


Kevin McAllister FTMFW! I feel good about that. I really do. 

How would this play out for you?

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I haven’t watched Home Alone from beginning to end in so long I feel like I was watching it for the first time last night. It is a really good movie, although I still personally like Elf the best. I’ve always loved Scrooged a lot too. I saw it in the theater when I was a teenager and had a huge crush on Bill Murray.


That’s the thing about Home Alone for me, it is such a great all-ages film. Nathan has been able to watch it for a couple years now. We started him on Elf this year and, while he liked it, it doesn’t hold the appeal of HA. Scrooged, he’s too young for. And I haven’t watched it in probably a decade. Still not sure which Grinch they’re referring to.

Suzanne Apgar

I think The Christmas Chronicles should be included in this list!


We just watched that tonight for the first time. Loved it. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |


Glad you liked it! We've also watched the second installment and were a little disappointed. Goldie had a larger part in this new one.

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 8:24 PM Kevin Apgar <> wrote:

We just watched that tonight for the first time. Loved it. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Kevin Spencer

Fun! And some of these were tough. Because Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite Christmas movies. But Love Actually is _really_ good.

This is also the time of the year at work where my team has the "is Die Hard really a Christmas movie though?" debate. Celebrating its fifth debate anniversary :-)


A local radio station held that debate the other day and someone chimed in saying something akin to “some random guy is wandering the halls of a building when he’s not supposed to and causing damage and generally making life hell for Alan Rickman. So Die Hard is actually a Harry Potter film.” I laughed hard. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Marty Mankins

What?? no Bad Santa on that bracket? he he... I kid... but only a little (I admit to liking Bad Santa a lot, which is obviously a Christmas movie).

From the list on the bracket, mine would have been Elf vs Die Hard on the left and Christmas Vacation and It's A Wonderful Life on the right. With Die Hard going against Christmas Vacation and Christmas Vacation squeaking out a very slim win.


A solid Final Four face-off, indeed!--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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