We weren't going to do it. We convinced ourselves not to give in. Not to fold. Not to be pressured.

NBC's Peacock was just another addition to the never-ending glut of streaming services and we wanted nothing to do with it.

Even if it was the only streaming source for our beloved Parks & Recreation. Even if, come January 1, it would become the only streaming source for The Office.

Well, we weren't going to do it. Then I read Marty's recent post about James Bond flicks for free on Peacock and realized, "Ohmigod! There's a free tier to Peacock? I can watch some stuff and not have to pay a monthly fee for the service? Parks and Recreation is part of that free tier???" (That last part wasn't clear upon initial examination, but we hoped.)

We signed up. Last night. Happy birthday to me. 

And now, it would seem, we're part of the flock.

Oh, and yes, P&R is part of the free tier. Yay!

On a related aside, I still think that this build up of streaming services is getting out of hand. It actually makes traditional cable seem palatable by comparison. I really hope it ends and that a lot of these services just wind up merging into each other and end this agony for consumers.

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Marty Mankins

Glad you found Parks and Rec on yet another streaming service, but at least it has a free tier option.


Thank you for letting me know about the free option!


I find it to still be very much better than cable. You can drop or add services on a monthly basis based on content. Not that I’ve ever actually done that, at least not yet....

The ones I have:
HBO (free w/ my AT&T cell plan)
Peacock (free w/ my XFinity Internet plan)
AppleTV+ (still on free trial and part of Apple One bundle after that)
Disney+ (Split the cost of the discounted 3-year prepaid plan with my two adult kids)
Amazon Prime (effectively free since I pay for Prime for other reasons)
Hulu commercial free (the one I watch the most)
Netflix, 4K, 4-streams, IIRC (the one I seem to watch the least these days, other than perhaps Peacock)


We have all the same services but at different tiers. So far, Peacock is our least watched with Prime, Apple, and HBO right alongside it. Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and AT&T TV Now are our most watched. Netflix has really seen a kick in the pants in terms of usage of late. I guess that kinda comes and goes.

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