Kevin's 7: TV '20...

As I've done for the previous two installments of this year-end award, I'm going to just build a list of my top TV shows. Not the cool and cutesy categories I used to do. One of these days, I may actually stop prefacing this post with this disclaimer. Anyway, here's the Kevin's 7: TV Shows!

7. Down to Earth with Zac Efron (Netflix)

I'm going to admit something to you, I really dig on Zac Efron. He has moved beyond his High School Musical character and proven he actually has acting range. Comedy, drama, teen, adult, thriller, etc. He has also shown that he has a deep seated concern with our environment without being over-the-top nutty about it. This show is about just that, his love of the environment and healthy living and traveling the world with his mentor, Darin Olien, discovering what other people, cultures, races, organizations, business, and governments are doing to help.


6. American Housewife (ABC)

I didn't realize that there was a bit of a cast shuffle that happened in the recent off-season of this show. The youngest daughter, Anna-Kat (Julia Butters), left to pursue other acting opportunities and was replaced with Giselle Eisenberg of Life In Pieces. While sad to see Butters leave because she was very good in her role, we were excited about Eisenberg joining. However, it's been rough. Anna-Kat has kinda become a tertiary level family member. Not that she's being given less screen time, I just find myself not enjoying the character as much as I hoped to. Plus, with COVID raging, a lot of the recurring guest stars that have been showing up through the first four seasons have yet to show up or only do so via Zoom calls. It's been an interesting season.


5. The Rookie (ABC)

The Rookie wrapped its second season with a heckuva cliffhanger and then COVID kicked in pushing back the start of season three until January leaving us in a major state of worry about what will happen as a result of the finale. Nathan Fillion as rookie LAPD beat cop John Nolan is still great. None of his trademark smarm has leaked through at all. You hope he has good luck in his second chance, but, being a police procedural, you know better than to believe that's what you'll get. Season two also introduced a bunch of new characters to the mix including Ali Larter as an ER doc who Nolan dated in college, Mekia Cox as Nolan's new training officer, and Harold Perrineau as a detective who becomes a mentor to Nolan.


4. Upload (Prime)

I'm trying to recall how I found out about this show. Maybe it was recommended by a friend on social media or I saw an article about it. Whatever the case, Katie and I tuned in a few weeks after it first aired on Prime Video and tore through the whole season. Amazing story about how, in the near future, people upload themselves into a virtual world keeping their consciousness alive even when their body fails as well as the living people who work as their personal assistants in the beyond. This has a twist, though, in that the dead man, Nathan (Robbie Amell), has no idea why he's there and wants to find out with the help of his CSR, Nora (Allo Andy). The two leads have such amazing chemistry and are such good characters. One of my favorite new shows and season two is in the works.


3. Magnum, P.I. (CBS)

CBS has been a clearinghouse of spinoffs and remakes and reboots these last 10-15 years. And we've started some, skipped others, finished the run of a few, and ditched out on some partway through their run. The reboot of the classic Tom Selleck private investigator in paradise shouldn't be as good as it is. Yet Katie and I chomp at the bit each season for the first episode. While we tuned in for Jay Hernandez (The Rookie and Bad Moms), we stay because of Perdita Weeks. She's awesome.


2. The Mandalorian (Disney+)

Had we not discovered the joy of our number 1 show, The Mandalorian easily would've repeated as my top show for the year simply because it's only gotten better! It has no earthly (or intergalactic) right to be so damn good, yet it is. The relationship between Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), the titular Mandalorian, and his little Yoda-esque charge is getting downright parental. The guest appearances are master classes in casting. The callouts to other movies and series leaves us fans drooling. Now we just need to see what happens in this week's season finale. Will there be Thrawn???


1. Schitt's Creek (CBC, POP-TV, Netflix)

I've known about this show for a couple years now despite it being in its sixth and final season this year. But, for whatever reason, Katie and I never bothered to watch it until just a couple months ago. As of last night, we are through our fourth consecutive viewing of the entire series. The whole thing! Basically, it's the story of a very rich Hollywood family that loses everything when their accountant embezzles all their money and takes off to a non-extradiction-treaty country. They spent the next handful of years living in a tiny town called Schitt's Creek that they own because they thought it would be funny. Now it's the only thing saving them. And the subsequent seasons show just that... how it saves them and makes them better people. It's funny as hell and so endearing. As much as you're supposed to hate this Kardashian-esque family, you walk away loving every quirk about them.


What did you watch this year? Yanno, since we've all been stuck at home with nothing much else to do.

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I miss the old AnnaKat. This new one is just blah. Not really quirky or endearing like the original actress. I couldn't care less about her character anymore.

I really liked Upload too! Glad there's going to be another season.

I picked up Black Mirror again; had been ignoring it for over a year after watching a couple of choice episodes. I forgot how good it was! Husband and I tore through all the seasons in the matter of a week or so.

Another show we ignored for the longest time and then binge watched in all its glory is Ozark. You know a show is good when you don't pick up your phone at all while watching it.


I keep hearing good things about Ozark but we just haven’t tuned in. Upload, though, that cliffhanger!!

Kevin Spencer

The golden age of TV where there are more shows than you can possibly watch in your lifetime. But it's a great time to be alive. Here in no particular order, some things I've watched and loved this year:

The Mandalorian
The Clone Wars
The Expanse
Ted Lasso
For All Mankind
The Morning Show
Killing Eve
Star Trek Picard
Star Trek Discovery
Fear The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
The World According To Jeff Goldblum


Admittedly, I was hit or miss on Goldblum’s show. I think I finished the season but would have to check to be sure. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Eric K.

MIchelle was hooked on Schitt's Creek, but she went ahead and binged it without me. I saw a few episides and thought it was amusing. We both loved Upload (you might have seen my post on Facebook). One of my favorites is Undone on Amazon. We also have been loving The Boys lately.


You really should go back and watch Schitt’s Creek. It’s worth it. Sorry, didn’t see your post. I don’t do much on Facebook. How ya holding up, man?


I’m doing pretty good. Have had a pretty steady stream of freelance work over the last few months. One guy I work for is setting me up on a retainer of steady pay starting January 1. It will be like having a full time job. I also have freelance for a couple other people on the side.... so at least I am busy!

You guys still doing ok?


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> On Dec 20, 2020, at 8:59 PM, Kevin Apgar wrote:
> You really should go back and watch Schitt’s Creek. It’s worth it. Sorry, didn’t see your post. I don’t do much on Facebook. How ya holding up, man?

Marty Mankins

The Mandalorian and Star Trek Picard are the only two I'm caught up on. As a long time Star Wars fan, I would feel disappointed if I had to say I was way behind in The Mandalorian.

I watch others shows, but I have a list 30+ long for series to watch, including Schitt's Creek.


Move Schitt’s Creek to the top of that list.

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