Macro Monday 2020.50...

Wow! Numero 50. I'm in the home stretch and I'd like to go out with some #minimusicmonday album art challenge photos that should be relatively easy to get. But first a recap of last week...


If you feel like you’re drowning with this next photo, just remember who gets in the lifeboat first. 


Seven more to 51!

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Dec 13
Out of curiosity, have you ever been reading my blog on the last two months and had images missing? As I try to always include an image with all posts (save Kevisms), if you aren’t seeing one, it would be...
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Tu(n)esday: Bubbly...

Dec 15
As I'm sure just about everyone who is alive has had to do as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, my family has missed out on events that we would otherwise have done this year. We've missed out on sports...


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Marty Mankins

I was close with Stevie Wonder guess. Just didn't get the correct album title.


Close, indeed. But the correct album guess made theirs closer.

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