Macro Monday 2020.51...

I know I’m gonna miss having a pre-planned blog post ready to go every week. But, right now, I’m soooo happy I won’t ever have to type “#minimusicmonday” again. I never get it right the first time. And autocorrect hates it fiercely. 

I digress. 

Last week’s challenge photo was guessed first by Christa on FB. Van Halen, boyos! 


Any guesses on my second-to-last challenge photo? 


See you in seven with my final challenge photo!

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Dec 20
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Dec 22
...Junction, what's your function? Hooking up phrases and clauses that balance, like. Okay, sorry, no more Schoolhouse Rock. Though the temptation be mighty! This is about the great Conjunction in the sky... the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth that...


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Friday the 13th Soundtrack?


That would be a cool one to own! But, no.

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