Out of curiosity, have you ever been reading my blog on the last two months and had images missing? As I try to always include an image with all posts (save Kevisms), if you aren’t seeing one, it would be pretty obvious. 

Also, you would likely see a placeholder where the image would be in the form of an outlined URL of the missing image.


I’ve seen this happening intermittently the last couple of weeks. When I wrote the post, the image was there. When I published it, it was there. When I would check it out in Feedly, it was there both in the teaser preview and inline with the text. 

But, every so often, I’d go back and the image would be gone. But it would be there in the previous/next post cards. Or vice-versa.

I assume this is because of a bad connection somewhere in the line from my device to the router/modem to the web to the host server. That would explain the inconsistency trying to re-create the issue. 

Still bothersome. 

If you happen to notice this happening, please let me know. If you can give me the URL of the post, better still. 

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Marty Mankins

Your TV post and the image for The Mandalorian is not showing up


Yeah, I reported it to Typepad. It’s a known issue they’re trying to work through. Goodie.

Kazza the Blank One

Still happening. Happening to another blogger on Cloudfare I follow too.


@kazza I'm not sure what's going on other than it sounds like Cloudflare has an issue with your IP or something along those lines. I think my service is on Cloudflare, but I'm not 100% certain. I'm checking with Typepad CS.

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