Merry Christmas, y’all! We hope you and yours are having a safe and responsible, yet still merry holiday! 

We’ve seen some family and opened some gifts and eaten some food. Now we’re back at home relaxing, mentally crashing, and playing with new toys.

Nathan’s got figures, LEGOs, a remote control car, books, and all sorts of other stuff. 

Katie’s got a new Apple Watch, some accessories, some clothes, and some Schitt’s Creek stuff. 

I’ve got a Star Wars sock advent calendar, a Peter Venkman POP, a LEGO Porsche 911, and a pair of these little thingies ha going out of my ears...


Me likely so far. Yes, the Pros.

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Dec 24
Think someone’s excited for tomorrow? Nah. I didn’t think so, either.
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Dec 26
There’s nothing quite so fun as loading holiday decoration containers into the attic and falling from the ladder and hitting my lower back and shoulder against a bookshelf on the way down. I hurt but it’s nothing too unbearable. Still...


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Marty Mankins

Awesome on the AirPod Pros. And cool that Katie got an Apple Watch. and the LEGOs.


Told ya it was a fruity holiday. Minus the LEGO.--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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