Nov '20...

I feel like I'm writing these monthly goal recaps every week. Does it feel like you're reading them here with a similar frequency? Ridiculous light speed year that is 2020.

1. Blog Play: It's done. Got nothing left for this one. Adios to this goal!

2. Music Play: I really thought I'd improve this month, but I haven't. And it's sad, admittedly. But I've just been falling into familiar bands these last couple months for the sake of comfort.

I did learn about Silver Jews — featuring late musician/author/cartoonist David Berman and Pavement's Stephen Malkmus — from a music-loving friend and checked out their 1998 album American Water. I'd never heard of them before. And, given Berman's suicide in 2019, I don't think I'll hear anything new. Sadly. 


I also learned who JoJo Siwa was from my son. Not proud of this one as she's total Disney tween pop. But I learned about her all the same. Lord help me.


Um, yeah.

3. Camera Play: Still going. Almost done with #MiniMusicMonday. Forever.

4. Word Play: Five books read in November. As stated on Sunday night, not as much as planned, but still good.


And I'm only one away from completing my 2020 reading goal. Man, that was close. 


5. Update Play: Done! 

December is here. Joy.

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Marty Mankins

Oh December... took forever to get here. I saw you made your Goodreads challenge when I checked friends statuses.


Yeah, just hit it yesterday.

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