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One of the things you may have seen apt of people doing during the pandemic is to work on projects around the house. These could be renovations, crafts, hobbies, cooking, baking, etc.

We’re no different. We’ve done more than our fair share in terms of cooking and baking new things. We’ve done some crafts. We also tried new hobbies, most of which didn’t truly stick (no, I never finished Skeletor; I don’t even know where he is).

But the biggest thing has been woodworking projects. We’ve done a metric ton of those. I thought it would be kind of cool to recap them all on a post since I’m fairly certain I’m fine With them for this calendar year. 


It started with Nathan’s bathroom and I discussed that in a post of its own back in October although the work happened in January and February.



That carried over into a cool little porch bench that I talked about in May.



About the same time, Katie and I repainted Nathan’s bedroom with stripes to give it a bigger kid feel. He loves it.



We stripped and refinished our patio table and chairs although I have no pictures of that.


I really dig on these shelves that I built with leftover pipe and wood from our kitchen shelves (the latter happened in 2019). I want to do more with pipe and wood but I just haven’t figured out what as of yet.



This was one of my favorite projects although, hindsight being 20/20, I would’ve done a lot differently. I wrote two posts about this particular job. Oh, and we’re also talking about modifying the desk a little bit. Shelves underneath and pipe hooks for my backpack. 


Cube Surround

The final project was a wood surround for some IKEA Kallax  cubes we have in our living room so that everything feels more balanced. 


Funny. Feels like we did more. 

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All wonderful improvements! I especially like that desk.

We did a lot as well. Bought and refinished a patio table, replaced the carpeting in all three rooms upstairs with wood laminate as well as painted all the rooms a new color, replaced our living room ceiling fan, chandelier, and recessed lights, replaced the trim in our dining room, etc. It almost feels like a new place!

We’d like to replace our patio door next without breaking the bank. Professional window places want $5000 which is not happening, but it’s too big of a job for us to do ourselves.


$5,000?!?! Yikes!! We might be doing our two hanging chandeliers soon as well. We found two lights we like. We just need to buy them and the extra chain and cord. What they come with is not long enough. Weird since our ceilings aren’t exactly non-standard. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Suzanne Apgar

Love the results! You guys are very talented!!


Thank you

Kevin Spencer

That desk is utterly utterly fantastic.


I loved seeing all your projects! What's on deck for 2021?


Not really sure ATM. We know we need to do our kitchen cabinets and counters but I’m not sure about that timeline. Right now we’re saving for a new couch.

Marty Mankins

Such great projects completed. The desk is my favorite.


Thanks, man.

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