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While Katie and I cleared through our bedroom closet a couple weekends ago, I dug out this little gem of a LEGO set I created a long time ago. 


More specifically, I created this custom about 32 or so years ago.


For a long time, it sat on a bookshelf in my dad’s home office because he loved the customs I built.


But when they moved to their new home, he gave it back to me. And it’s been collecting dust ever since. 


So I rinsed it off and decided to prise some of it apart because I remembered that it had some hidden nooks inside. 


Like compartments on either side of the main cabin for the driver and gunner, both androids.


A command module that is shy one Blacktron commander.


And, finally, a comms center in the rear of the vehicle under the weapons array, also both androids.


Yeah, this was a fun one and I can never take it apart lest I never get it put back together. 

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Suzanne Apgar

That used to grace the shelf unit in Dad's office over on Galena Ct.

Marty Mankins



Calm down, Benny.

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