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Jan 5
A friend Slacked me today asking, “Scale of 1-10... How badly do [you] want a clubhouse invite... or do you have no interest?” My response? “Clubhouse invite?” That elicited an OMG and a link to an article that served to...
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Jan 7
This is just killing me. Since Katie and I got our Apple Watch and AirPods Pro, respectively, for Christmas, we've been talking about going back in and purchasing AppleCare+ for both items. Seeing as we got them on Black Friday...


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Kevin Spencer

Same. What an utter utter embarrassment. What must the rest of the world be thinking?


I don’t even wanna know.

Suzanne Apgar

Although the Viet Nam rioting and demonstrating was pretty extensive, damaging, and scarey, this is on a whole nother level when you have our own President acting like a third rate thug. As Americans we should be ashamed of him and our behavior in this situation. I have NEVER witnessed anything like this in all my 74+ years. I hope your generation can do something to turn this country around.


We can only hope.

Marty Mankins

The rest of the world can't wait for the Orange Thug to be gone to see if we can be a nation of respect again.


I often wonder if there are pockets of blind support for him outside this country. I always hear more about the hatred of him but figure there has to be some balance to it. Or maybe they’re all just that much smarter than half our country.

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