Yeah, so I went ahead and created my own contribution to the #BernieMittensMeme. What of it??


Man, people are really having fun with this photo of him. Thankfully, none of what I've seen has been mean spirited in any way. Just having fun with a guy who was really cold. Funny, since he's from Vermont.

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Jan 21
I was having a spirited debate with some friends regarding a quote in an article about Garth Brooks and his performance at President Biden's inauguration yesterday. The article said, "Brooks has played almost every inauguration since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, save...
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Jan 23
I’m not cursing, I swear (ha). It’s just an abbreviation of the name of an event in which I took part today... BITCHSTERDAM!!! Remember them olden days when blogging was popular and those who hosted their own blogs would get...


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Marty Mankins

Great work. I like it.



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