I’m not cursing, I swear (ha). It’s just an abbreviation of the name of an event in which I took part today... BITCHSTERDAM!!!

Remember them olden days when blogging was popular and those who hosted their own blogs would get together for what amounted to Bloggercons? It’s been a long damn time since we’ve done those. Like more than a decade ago for the last one I attended. 

But, today, Yvonne (“Dutch Bitch” to those of you in the know) hosted a Zoom meetup of about 15 or 16 current and former bloggers and dubbed it “Bitchsterdam,” yanno, since she’s from Amsterdam and calls herself, well, you get it. 

I jumped on the Zoom channel about noon and it was a blast.


[photo courtesy of Yvonne]

I got to see and talk to Dave 2 for the first time in forever. I also got to meet and talk to a ton of people I’ve only ever known through reading their blogs, commenting, social media, and maybe texting like Marty, Yvonne, LeSombre, and Kyra. I mean, as good a friend as I consider Marty and we’ve never really even spoken before. 

So this was a needed reprieve. Talking to all these great people and breaking the humdrum of a yet another pandemic day. 

I wish Karl didn’t have a connection issue that kept him from joining. Bummer.

I hope we do it again. I’d love to add some more people to the next call. Yvonne was playing it kinda small today to see how it went. 

I also hope that when the pandemic ends and travel resumes, we can try to do something in person. 

Oh, and I got two event badges! 



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Jan 22
Yeah, so I went ahead and created my own contribution to the #BernieMittensMeme. What of it?? Man, people are really having fun with this photo of him. Thankfully, none of what I've seen has been mean spirited in any way....
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Jan 24
Hey! Did I mention we’re finally replacing the P.O.S. couch and loveseat we got a mere five years ago from Ashley Furniture with a Craftsman sectional from Darvin Furniture? It’s a really nice sectional. We ordered it three weeks ago....


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AND NONE OF YOU WERE MASKED??! Looks like it was more of a super-spreader event than a virtual blogger meet! :-D


Oh hey! I was able to comment! Good "seeing" you today!


I had to deactivate a commenting plugin and that seems to have worked for all of you except Kazza. 

I actually thought about wearing a mask just as a joke. Heh heh. 

Marty Mankins

Thanks for the shout out, Kevin. And you are right... except for emails and texts, that was the first time we've chatted verbally together. I hope we have more of those including to someday have them IRL again.


I can’t wait. On all counts. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Suzanne Apgar

Looks like it was fun!


It was. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |


It was so much fun to see you and I think it did us all a world of good to socialize!


I wholeheartedly agree!--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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