A friend Slacked me today asking, “Scale of 1-10... How badly do [you] want a clubhouse invite... or do you have no interest?”

My response? “Clubhouse invite?”

That elicited an OMG and a link to an article that served to introduce me to what is supposed to be the next big thing in social media... audio chat rooms. Audio-only chat rooms.


You sign up/log in, pick interests, follow people, find (or start your own) topical chat rooms, and visit at specified times for special events/discussions. There is no typing, there is no record to read back on. It’s all audio. And recording is not allowed (although I have no idea how they’d stop it).

It’s been around since last year but has only about 4,000 members and is highly exclusive. But what’s cool is that, at random times, you could wind up talking in a chat room and suddenly be in a conversation with, say, Oprah or Ashton Kutcher or Kevin Hart. The few celebrities that are on it, love it.

So how do you join? Currently, it’s invitation based only and each member only gets one invite. There’s talk of it opening up to the general public but I’m not sure when or how that will happen.

Anyway, I got an invite and I’m in (thanks, Grace!). But please don’t ask for my invite, it’s already been used. I was made to promise that if I received this exclusive invite, I’d use mine to let another of my sponsor’s friends in to the app.

What have I done in the app? Built my profile, followed some people, joined a couple groups, and not much else at all. But I only got my invite a few hours ago just before I had to start making dinner.

I’m not sure how much use I’ll have for it. I barely have time to listen to any audio as it is and a huge queue of music, audiobooks, and podcasts waiting.

But, hey, my preferred username is now mine unlike in TikTok.

Effing TikTok.

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