“He’s small. He just looks small.” 
—Dana Bash, CNN, describing Cheeto Pres as he boarded Marine 1 to leave the White House for the last time. 

I’ve got just one thing to say, “Nah nah, hey hey, good BYE!”


(Normally I’d show more respect, but this “man” has no respect for us, his job, the people he serves and works for and with, or anybody other than himself.)

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Jan 19
A few months ago, I found this really cool Instagram account (actually, he found me) that sells physical audio and video media via his home. He doesn't have a bricks-and-mortar storefront, just an online store supported by images on IG....
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Jan 21
I was having a spirited debate with some friends regarding a quote in an article about Garth Brooks and his performance at President Biden's inauguration yesterday. The article said, "Brooks has played almost every inauguration since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, save...


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Suzanne Apgar

He is all respects!!

Marty Mankins

No respect at all. Which is why I didn't say his name on my post and didn't show any pics (there are enough of them on the web)


I figure the photo I posted was far enough away to not glamorize him at all.

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