Dec '20...

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope 2021 is better to all of you. But as of a half hour ago, COVID-19 is still here, so...

1. Blog Play: Done. Done. DONE!

2. Music Play: I did manage a few new finds this last month. One even made my Kevin’s 7 list.

Found this song in the barn dance scene in the second season finale of Schitt’s Creek and loved it. The song is “Whichever Way You’ll Have It” by New Hands. They’ve got a strong early aughts low-fi synth vibe.

The Avalanches...


And lovelytheband...


3. Camera Play: #MiniMusicMonday is dead. Viva la #minimoviepostermonday! 

Yup, I’m sticking with the macro focus on mass media but taking photos of movie covers and posters. I’m hoping It will have slightly greater appeal than the album covers.

4. Word Play: Aw yeah! Hit all but one of my Libroqueue goals. 




Only book left is The Last of the Stanfields but with new books coming in in Overdrive, that one will keep getting pushed back as I own it and the checkouts are limited time.

I’m wrapping 2020’s reading goal of 48 with 55. Woo!

5. Update Play: Done! 

Again, here’s hoping 2021 is better. For everyone. 

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Marty Mankins

I know I say this every year I don't make my reading goal, but I hope I can make my reading goal in 2021 (keeping at 24 books on my Good Reads)


Good luck, man. How far did you make it this year? --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Marty Mankins

I only read 3 books. Way off the goal of 24. But 24 is not an unreachable goal. Simply put, I need to make reading a daily habit and 24 books will be a cake walk.


I hear that even committing to just 10-20 pages a day makes it possible. So long as one of the books is not War and Peace, that is.

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