Despite the House voting to impeach him a second time, the fact that McConnell has pushed any sort of Senate investigation into the matter until next week means that Donald J. Trump will finish his term as President.

It will be finished as a disgrace, but he and his seditious minions will spin it otherwise.

Anyway, given the joke he has made of our country, the hatred he has stoked, the bridges he has burned, and the division he has fostered, I’m making it my personal goal to never say his name again. From this point forward, never again.

Not when I speak, not on my blog.
Not in a tweet, not with a dog.

Not on my phone or Facebook feed.
Not SMS, Clubhouse, IG.

”That S.O.B.” is what I’ll say.
This is the game that I will play.

I will not say that bastard’s name.
And this will be my counter-flame.

[image courtesy of Reddit]

Anyone wanna join me? Take the pledge.

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Suzanne Apgar

I'd like to try, but I detest him so much, I don't know that I won't slip.

Suzanne Apgar

Dad says, "Right on!"

Marty Mankins

I've made every effort since early 2016 to never used his last name. The various names I've used for him has been generic 45 to variants on the Orange naming convention.

So with that, I am joining your pledge with a 5 year head start.


Rock on, Star Child. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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