Goals 2021...

I saw a news interview with a psychologist who said, while it’s nice to remain optimistic about the prospects for 2021, don’t go nuts. Keep your expectations reined in a bit. 

I’m keeping that in mind with these goals for the new year.


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First off, no blog dev goal. My redesign last year was enough. If I do something, I do something. If not, no big deal. And, no, I’m not adding a video goal back in after a year off. Sorry.

Music Play:

For the most part, the three new-to-me bands per month goal worked out last year. I’m keeping it.

Camera Play:

Keep an eye out on Instagram for #MiniMoviePosterMonday and be prepared to guess. No likes; you gotta guess!

Word Play:

I did best my reading goal again in 2020, but it was quite as dramatically as in 2019. But I’m gonna keep going with 4 books per month for a total of 48 for the year. No cares about book type at all.

Fitness Play:

I haven’t had a fitness goal in a while and it’s time to start. I’m not going insane with this. I just want to pressure myself to do something... anything. So I’m shooting for 3-4 days of working out per week. Whatever it takes to equal half the days of the month. This can be gym trips or neighborhood walks or any sort of sustained physical activity.

Update Play:

And, per usual, I will dedicate one blog post each month to recapping my goal achievement progress of the month prior. 

Fitness Play scares me. Gahhhhh!!

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Marty Mankins

I like your reading goal. My book reading goal remains the same as last year (24) and I am off to a good start in 2021 with one book read so far and I've read just about every day (I missed one day this week) since Dec 29th. My goal is to match what I read last year (3) before the end of February.


I believe in you! Read on!

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