MaMo 2021.01...

Welcome to the 2021 revision of Macro Monday! My plan for this year is to take macro photos of movie covers/posters and post those for everyone to guess.

As a note, they could be the standard poster or alternate artwork, but I will try not to make them too obscure. 

First, though, let’s close out #MiniMusicMonday with the appropriate fireworks. 

The first to guess the last challenge photo was my friend Stacey on both Instagram and Facebook. It was Soul Asylum.


Now for the inaugural #MiniMoviePosterMonday, I present...


See you in seven! And good luck, it’s a spicy one. 

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Marty Mankins

I didn't guess in time for the Soul Asylum album cover.


You could’ve still thrown your guess on there. Or a confirmation of it.

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