MaMo 2021.04...

Several correct answers were sent in for last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday. But only one can be the winner, right? At least when I’m not too lazy to check time stamps, that is. That winner is Christa!


How about this week’s challenge photo? Don’t get too crazy overthinking it.


Back in seven! 

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Jan 24
Hey! Did I mention we’re finally replacing the P.O.S. couch and loveseat we got a mere five years ago from Ashley Furniture with a Craftsman sectional from Darvin Furniture? It’s a really nice sectional. We ordered it three weeks ago....
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Tu(n)esday: Bad...

Jan 26
Nathan really digs on popular music. He discovers it mostly from movie soundtracks and YouTube videos and has us add tracks randomly to a playlist we created for him in Spotify. He’s got some pretty decent tracks on that list,...


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