Hey! Did I mention we’re finally replacing the P.O.S. couch and loveseat we got a mere five years ago from Ashley Furniture with a Craftsman sectional from Darvin Furniture?

It’s a really nice sectional. We ordered it three weeks ago.


And we’ll get it in another 13-14 weeks. Oy.

One thing’s for sure, though, between the piss-poor quality and their horrendous financing arrangements, we’ll never buy from Ashley again. Done. 

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Ooo, it's going to be so nice when it comes! I have heard a few people say that about Ashley. Good to know!


I heard it from three different furniture stores. And these stores all said Ashley is one of their biggest sellers but only because of price. A lot of Ashley buyers wind up back in stores shopping for replacements as soon as a year after buying their furniture. They just don’t hold up at all, per them. Starter furniture.

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