Usually when our DVR service “records” episodes of Saturday Night Live for our season pass, it also records a lead-up classic episode. We usually just delete these trimmed-down hourlong episodes because I just don’t care to revisit old episodes.

Tonight, though, the classic episode was from 1990 and was hosted by John Goodman and featured skits from Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady,” Mike Myer’s and Carvey’s “Wayne’s World,” and “Weekend Update” with Dennis Miller.

Topping all that off? The musical guest was Faith No More!


And the one song that wasn’t trimmed off the rebroadcast (they did have two performances back in the day, didn’t they?) was “From Out of Nowhere,” a classic from The Real Thing, one of my all-time favorite albums, period.

Mike Patton was nuts, man! Love that guy!

Yeah, watching this episode was a no-brainer.

Hey, for those of you who watched the new episode with John Krasinski, does that commercial with Wayne and Garth mean they’re doing a full skit during the Super Bowl or just an Über Eats commercial? 

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Kyra Wilson

Yep, pretty sure that means they're doing a skit... but they looked really tired lol


VERY tired. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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