Tu(n)esday: Synthwave...

I’ve become a bit of a Bandcamp junkie of late poking around and picking out some new-to-me bands I really enjoy and following musical subgenres so I can receive notifications of new music.

One subgenre I focused on is “synthwave,” kind of a lighter variant of the “darkwave” I rediscovered last year with Vandal Moon.

I spent yesterday with Gunship and their self-titled 2015 album as well as a few EPs and singles.


I have to give serious love to their Halloween-released cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” It’s an amazing track and a beautiful tribute to the isolation we’re all feeling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The first artist I listened to today was Polish synth scientist and guitarist Timedriver and his 2021 release Forever Lost in Time. All music, no vocals. I was in heaven.


Next up were Kansas City, MO, natives Essenger with After Dark. Great synthwave with solid vocals that don’t veer dark.


Finally I checked out Morgan Willis’ Dreamer. The French musician and producer has created what is described as a “synth-pop fairy tale.” I dig it. 


I can’t wait to listen to more!

Bandcamp sinks its claws deeper...

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Suzanne Apgar

Where is my son, and what have you done with him?


This sounds right up my alley. I just discovered Vandal Moon last month and really like what I’ve heard so far. Going to check out these other artists. What do you think of Timecop1983?

Kevin Spencer

This has quickly become one of my favorite genres. So glad you like it.

I don't remember if you're on Spotify, but the Retrowave/Outrun playlist has a good mixture.

Marty Mankins

I might have to go check some of these artists/albums out. I liked the Vandal Moon you suggested last year (just didn't listen to it enough to make my 2020 list).

Bandcamp is a great place to get some great music. I've purchased about 4 albums a year from there the last couple of years.


They’re on my list to listen to but nothing yet.


I’m on Spotify but don’t do too much probing. I’ll check that one out. Spotify overwhelms me more often than not.


Sounds pretty equal to my purchase rate. Although I’m looking for cassettes a lot. Heh.

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