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Jan 13
Despite the House voting to impeach him a second time, the fact that McConnell has pushed any sort of Senate investigation into the matter until next week means that Donald J. Trump will finish his term as President. It will...
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Jan 15
Any of you who have been following me for a decade or more likely remembers my first foray into toy adventure photography... Stormin’ Norman, the LEGO Stormtrooper. I loved taking pictures of him and tried to do so on a...


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Suzanne Apgar

Dad said, "Well done!" So do I!



Marty Mankins

Great job. And the ending credits scene filled with all of the players.


I wish I could take credit. It’s an iMovie video template (Trailer). I just wanted to throw something together quickly and this was fairly flexible. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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