I keep forgetting to mention that not only are libraries great because you can check out books, music, movies, ebooks, magazines, games, and video games, but you can also support the library while building up your own media library. 

My library, for example, has a $1 shelf with excess titles that they sell off at a fraction of the original cost and you can keep them. They quite often have graphic novels on this shelf, like this one I found yesterday... 


How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman, Fabio Moon, and Gabriel Bá. The former being the man behind so many popular books, graphic novels, and movies, including Coraline and American Gods. The latter two being the twin brothers behind one of my all-time favorite graphic novels, Daytripper

And it cost me $1. Go me!

Bet you can guess what I’m reading next month. 

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Feb 20
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Feb 22
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Marty Mankins

What a great find for $1. I like that one a lot. They made it into a movie a few years ago. It was really good.

There is also an audio version of the book on Neil's site (free MP3 download in multiple parts)


Holy cow! I had no idea all those media variants existed. I may have to check it out based on how I like the graphic novel.

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