Oh. My. Effing. God. Will these damned DraftKings (and, to a lesser degree, FanDuel) ads stop already???

I dunno if y’all have noticed or not, but online gambling site DraftKings has been spending a rather kingly sum on advertising. It’s everywhere... static webpage ads, streaming service video ads, both static and video in a variety of apps... it’s maddening. 


I know enough people that have had issues with gambling that I’m glad I’ve never gotten into gambling, be it sports or casinos.

But you can’t escape these ads anymore. And there’s apparently zero regulation of them. 

Gambling is a serious problem that I’m sure hasn’t gotten better with COVID-related job cutbacks and loss. And this promise of a $100 initial payout with a $1 investment? Bait that hook, why don’cha?

It’s fucking predatory and something needs to be done.

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I agree that it should be regulated. Or honestly they shouldn't be allowed on tv/streaming at all (nor should commercials for pharmaceuticals).

I really hate gambling, and find no fun in losing even the smallest amount of money. I wish it wasn't a serious issue for people that destroys lives. These places are predators.

But you know how it is in this country - it's all about the money regardless of the harm it causes. Not to derail the topic, but do you ever feel like maybe you'd be happier living in a different country? After this past year, I do.


I’ve wondered that many times about living elsewhere. And I agree about the ads being banned completely, along with pharmaceuticals. In fact, most countries do ban pharma ads. It’s one of the reasons why we pay so much more for prescriptions. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

Suzanne Apgar

I think they send a terrible message to our youth and should ber banned!!


Terra radio too. All day, every day. Ugh.


I barely listen to terrestrial radio so I hadn’t noticed. Ugh. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

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