While I don't shop at 7-Eleven all that often, I do have their app and I receive emails from being part of their "members club." Why? Because Nathan and I would occasionally go for walks or bike rides during the summer when we needed a break and go there for a Slurpee.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 4.57.30 PM

I got one of their emails yesterday and it had an offer regarding a coffee subscription. Seems like everyone is offering deals like this these days. Spend xx and get one coffee a day/one coffee a week/unlimited coffee per year, etc. Panera, Dunkin, and now 7-Eleven.

But the offer from 7-Eleven struck me as odd because it was the first one that requested a full-year commitment upfront instead of just being a weekly or monthly subscription.


Okay, for many regular coffee consumers, $139 isn't bad, a bargain even. I mean, it's really only about $0.30 per cup of joe. And those cups are kinda cool (although yet another new travel mug is decidedly not what I need).

But, dang, that just initially struck me as a lot of money for coffee! Or a lot of money to spend at 7-Eleven. I'm fairly certain I haven't spent $139 at every single 7-Eleven store I've visited over the last five years, total (not including when I've bought gas at one). Plus, I make my coffee at home. Especially since the pandemic started. I think I've done the drive-thru at a variety of coffee shops a grand total of four times since this whole thing started. 

If this is your thing, though, you're welcome. Enjoy!

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Wholly cow, $139?! Also, I find those coffee machines in something like a 7-11 a little dodgy. Not that I buy coffee anywhere, anyway (even when I lived by places, the only time I ever got Starbucks or Dunkin was on road trips - because who pays $6 for a stupid coffee?!) My dad, though, if it was unlimited soda (and it looks like it is), I think he'd do it if my mom wouldn't find out. The man is a soda addict, and his dearest love while we were growing up was sneaking out to 7-11 when my mom took a nap (she worked nights) and getting a Big Gulp and a chilidog.


I wasn’t even thinking about the dodgy coffee machines. Ick, no. I tried it once... once.

Marty Mankins

That is a lot upfront for coffee. Breaking down the cost and going often to make it worth it is nice, but that's a tall oder.


Totally agree. The effort I’d need to make to get up and leave the house each day to do that is more than it’s worth. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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