MaMo 2021.06...

Sorry this is late. Have to post date it because I was working late and then just couldn’t focus at all. 

Here is the solution to last week’s challenge photo, as guessed by Stacey.


Because I’m so late with the new challenge, I’m not Gonna monkey around with subtle clues. I don’t have the willpower. 


See you in seven!

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Feb 7
Yeah. See what I did there? "Deflated"? On the night that Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl? Heh heh. In all fairness, it does apply to how I feel after the "game." And I use that term very loosely....
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Feb 9
Several of you wanted a post about my AirPods Pro that I got last Christmas. After playing with them for a month and a half, I feel like I can talk about them intelligently enough. Here goes! Sound Quality The...


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