I remember reading all the stories back in the day about how Ben Affleck, while married to Jennifer Garner, ruined her friendship with 13 Going on 30 costar Mark Ruffalo. 

It sucked because, let’s face it, those two were just too damn cute. Jen and Mark, that is. Not that they were in a relationship. He’s been happily married for like 50 years or some such. But they were awesome on screen together and you’d hope that it would translate into an off-screen friendship. 

But that wannabe Daredevil and Batman done gone and ruined it for the world! 

Or did he?


And, folks, all became right with the world. This is what 2021 needs. People being brought back together. 

Jenna + Matty 4eva!!

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Never heard that story. Do you remember what Affleck did to ruin their friendship? I googled it but the only vague thing I could find was he didn't "allow" her to be friends with men. So was that all it was? I mean, that's terrible enough, I'm just curious now if there's even more that went on.

Affleck has always given off the douchebag vibe to me so I'm glad she's free from him.


That’s all I ever heard, too. Forbidden. And I could totally see him doing it.

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