Back in 1995, I tried sushi for the first time and fell in love. Love, love, sheer raw love.

I ate sushi many times over the subsequent 13 years as a result. 

But in about 2008 or ‘09, I went out with coworkers and got some sushi. At the time, I wasn’t feeling great, but I went anyway and ate. I came down with the flu afterwards. I don’t blame the sushi but my brain and stomach held the association anyway. And I quit sushi cold turkey. 

In early 2012, I decided to give it another try and I went to a local place. It didn’t make me sick but it had zero flavor whatsoever and, as a result, I lost desire to have it again. 

Fast forward to tonight, Nathan and two of his cousins went to my parents’ house to spend the night, so Katie and I went out to a hibachi grill with my brother and his wife and I wound up trying sushi again. 


It was fantastic! Nothing particularly risky. Just checking to see if I enjoyed it and it didn’t make me sick. Check and check. 

I’m gonna do it again! Heck yeah! Plus we all had fun just hanging and eating and then going out for drinks afterward. 


Don’t worry. We were safe regardless how this pic looks. 

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Feb 4
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Feb 6
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Marty Mankins

My wife had that same sushi experience. Went for dinner with friends, ended up with the flu the next day and didn't eat sushi for years. She has since gone back to it, but no where near as often.


I probably won’t go back to it as often mostly due to cost and not having as much liquidity as I did prior to the kid era. But I at least have another option. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Suzanne Apgar

Associating food with an illness is pretty standard. That's why I don't particularly care for Chinese food any longer.


I’m not familiar with this story.

Suzanne Apgar

When the bypass surgery greatly reduced the size of my stomach, foods like rice would cause me great distress. Cooked rice is not at it's maximum size when served. It continues to "grow" and that caused my stomach some serious pain and I would throw up. I associated other Chinese dishes with this incident because they were eaten in the same sitting.

Suzanne Apgar

Love the picture of the four of you!


That would definitely do it. Gah!



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