Interesting thing happened recently. Katie got an email in her personal account about her Hulu subscription that included the name Karl in the welcome. 

As our Hulu subscription is in my name and email address, she deleted the email thinking nothing of it. 

Until she received a second email, also in Karl’s name, so she showed it to me.


I went to on her phone (not using the link in the email in case it was a scam) and attempted to login with her email. There was, indeed, an account using her email address. So I requested a password reset and logged in. 

Apparently, “Karl” was paying for Hulu through a linked Amazon account. So I tried logging into using her email address. Thankfully, there was no such account. Phew. 

That did not, however, stop me from cancelling Karl’s Hulu account. I hope he didn’t have a lot of shows saved. He’s gonna be pissed. Heh heh. 

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I get this sort of crap all the time to my gmail - which is "blankone" - which people use all the time to sign up for things they don't want to give out their own email for. Fills me with rage. Wherever possible I change the email to abuse@whatevercompany so I'm not bothered anymore. The two worst though were the staff at a mobile phone store in California somewhere doing it, so I was getting invoices with personal details on them - I complained and I hope whoever did it got fired. The other one was a sports betting company in India where I managed to change the password, but I couldn't get in because it wanted two factor to a phone (which I did over and over again in the hopes it would piss off the person that did it). That took a week of complaining loudly on the internet to finally resolve.


Dang. That’s pretty bad. Sorry that happened to you.--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Suzanne Apgar

That happened to me. Someone got my credit card number and used it to buy an Invicta watch to be delivered to Suzanne Apgar in Flushing, NY. We had the card cancelled and were sent a new one. What a pain in the ass!!


I’m happy there was no credit card compromise here. Never heard about the watch with you. When was that?--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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