MaMo 2021.11...

My buddy, Matt, nailed what I thought would be a much easier #MiniMoviePosterMonday... Toy Story 4.


And I guess this bus technically a #MiniMoviePosterTuesday considering how late I’m posting it, but I’m gonna backdate it. 


If you don’t get it, I might die of the black lung. 

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Mar 14
We took a drive up to Katie’s parents’ house today. It was our annual birthday lunch for the family (what we were celebrating at PF Chang’s a year ago). Technically, we weren’t eating until about 4:30 but we went up...
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Snippets 2021.01...

Mar 16
Man, I really don’t do Snippet posts anymore do I? First one this year and the first since last April. Only two in 2020, four in 2019, seven in 2018. I haven’t done this regularly since 2014. Yikes! But it’s...


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