MaMo 2021.12...

After about a day, during which time I started to lose hope anyone would guess it, I got two correct answers. The first, though, was my sister-in-law. 


And I suppose I don’t have to worry about someone guessing this as, while I was typing the first paragraph of this post, some submerged with the correct answer. Didn’t take long. 


But go ahead and guess anyway. You have time. 

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Mar 21
Nathan and two of his cousins spent the night last night at my parents’ house. As part of the sleepover fun, this morning, my mom took them to see a movie. It’s the first movie any of them have seen...
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Tu(n)esday: VHID...

Mar 23
While digging around in a container of old crap, I happened across an ID card from my junior year of high school. I thought I’d share it because it really does a good job of lending credence to my claims...


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