MaMo 2021.13...

You know how I’ve said that the more participation I get in one of my macro posts, the more excited I am? After this past week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday, I’m practically bouncing off the walls. 

I had five correct guesses on Instagram, three on Twitter, and two on Facebook! Dang! Well, that correct answer was The Hunt For Red October, a personal favorite of mine. 


How about this? Think I can get as much involvement? 


Answer in a week!

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Mar 28
Interesting thing happened recently. Katie got an email in her personal account about her Hulu subscription that included the name Karl in the welcome. As our Hulu subscription is in my name and email address, she deleted the email thinking...
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Mar 30
When Soul Asylum broke through to the mainstream with Grave Dancers Union in 1992, I was all on-board for the ride. Not just because of "Runaway Train," though. In fact, the album had been out for a year before that...


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