Hey all, I need a little help. I’m looking for a good app for taking and keeping notes. But I have some caveats. 

I need the ability to both type and maybe do some freehand writing or adding in sketches. I don’t have the need for the latter yet but could see it happening. 

I need to be able to sync it between devices on two different AppleIDs. This will be shared between my personal iPhone and my work MBP. 

I need a good way to organize the notes. Folders by subject. Subfolders by... whatever. Multiple layers of this would be great. 

Being able to photograph to a scanned document would be nice as well. 

Here’s what I’ve tried so far...

I’m currently using iOS Notes for this purpose.


But my notes are only on my MBP and I can’t see them on my phone. Plus it doesn’t have the capability for images or drawing. 

I’ve used Microsoft OneNote.


It has two layers of organization (groups and folders) but doesn’t go beyond that. It has the ability to add images and freehanding but not a lot of freedom with what you do with that once it’s in there. But I can access on multiple devices because it’s easy to login. 

I used Evernote back in the day.


However, I never really did a good job of playing with all its levels of complexity. It seems to have a lot of freedom to do things but that $5/month cost is pretty ridiculous. And the reviews of its most recent iOS iterations are scathing. People rave about the desktop and hate hate hate the phone version. 

Any other suggestions?

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Hmm… You can have shared Notes in Apple Notes and it can do drawing and images. I’m not saying it’s great at it, but I think it can do those things.

I’ve used Notability some, but I’m not sure what the sharing story is there.

I’ve heard good things about Craft, but I haven’t looked at it.


I’ve never heard of Craft or Notability. I’ll have to check them out. I’ll also see about that stuff with Notes. I wasn’t aware. Thanks.--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Marty Mankins

I see Ren mentioned Notability. I've not used it on the Mac, but I used it for a while on my iPad for both typed notes and drawings to take notes of presentations I would attend.

Sharing between two different Apple IDs would lean more towards an app with it's own login creds instead of relying on iCloud functionality.

An app I've not used before is Goodnotes and there is a comparison to Notability in this article

Finally, Evernote has it's quirks, but for drawing they have a separate app called Penultimate, which syncs to your Evernote. And as a bonus, Penultimate doesn't count towards one of the 2 devices allowed on a free account.


Either I’m blatantly overlooking it or Evernote hides the two free devices information deep in their App Store listing. Maybe I’ll check the actual website. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Marty Mankins

It's on the web site for your account. This link was one I used before to understand the limits



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