We took a drive up to Katie’s parents’ house today. It was our annual birthday lunch for the family (what we were celebrating at PF Chang’s a year ago). 

Technically, we weren’t eating until about 4:30 but we went up early. There was an ulterior motive in going up early. A chance to go to Siren Records! 


I haven’t been able to visit in about a year and I was desperate to check out their supply of cassettes again. 

The last time I went, I picked up about five tapes but one of them had terrible sound. It’s a danger you face buying old magnetic media. But it sucks nonetheless. 

To get around that this time, I decided to take the new-to-me WM-FS220 and a pair of earbuds along for the trip so I could sample the wares ahead of time. And, if this image is any indication, there are lots of wares to sample.


Yeah, I asked beforehand. The owner was totally cool with it. And I got some stuff in good shape. 

But you’re gonna have to wait to hear what they are, though.

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