Snippets 2021.01...

Man, I really don’t do Snippet posts anymore do I? First one this year and the first since last April. Only two in 2020, four in 2019, seven in 2018. I haven’t done this regularly since 2014. Yikes!

But it’s also Tuesday, so how about a Snippet Tu(n)esday! All about music!


A lot of artisty sorts of folks have been taking advantage of this NFT craze lately. Non-Fungible Tokens, which, as I understand is like cryptocurrency but where the money is art of some sort. Be it digital art, music, a movie. It’s gotta be something that no one else will ever have access to, thus “justifying” it’s ridiculously high cost. 

One of my faves, Richard D. James, also known as Aphex Twin, sold an NFT graphic for 72.00 EFT. Scratching your head on that one? I still don’t know what it stands for, but it equates to $128,392.56. Whaaaa???

I wouldn’t even do this for Kiss and I love that band. 


Speaking of Kiss, co-frontman Paul Stanley has some new stuff coming out soon. It’s called Paul Stanley’s Soul Station and is described as...

Paul Stanley's Soul Station is a new project from the legendary lead singer of KISS, Paul Stanley. Paying homage to influences of his youth, Stanley has called upon a set of seasoned musicians to record a set of classic Motown covers & five original songs on NOW AND THEN.

Color me incredibly intrigued. I love Motown music. Always have. And to have Paul Stanley tackling it? I’m on board. 



You wanted to know what I got the other day (actually, you likely don’t give a damn), so here they are...


I’m incredibly stoked at having found the alt cover art for Saturation out in the wild. Very very cool. Almost missed it entirely. Looked like a badly faded copy of the standard spine. 

And Petty. Full Moon Fever. Gotta be done. I just want a good copy of Wildflowers next. Oh, and Into the Great Wide Open and...


It’s such a shame we spent that money on my AirPods Pro because I won a major award!


And again on Saturday! 


I’m awash in free earpods, courtesy of Amazon! Thanks, Jeff!

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Suzanne Apgar

Boy, you're one lucky guy! What did you have to do to win them?


Absolutely nothing! Easiest prize EVAR!!--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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