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It was a little more than 15 years ago that Katie and I, along with my brother and his then soon-to-be-wife (currently his wife), went to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL. It is supposedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in Chicagoland. And we saw... nothing. No ghosts, no orbs, no chills, no ectoplasm... nada.

Probably because there was something like a dozen and a half people there. Hard to create the proper atmosphere with that crowd.

But I got some cool photos.





So that's something.

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Mar 24
Much like earlier this month when I had not much worthwhile to say, I'm gonna let YouTube do the talking for me today. Oh how I love you, Randy Rainbow... And Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon... And Doritos... And coffee......
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Mar 26
Last night, I downloaded a 300-page book to my Fire tab. I also downloaded 3 150-page graphic novels and 15 issues of Black Panther comic books. And, woah nelly, that thing weighs a ton! Ba-dum-BSSHHH! My jokes might be lacking...


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One of my first photo series on my photography website was of Bachelor's Grove! I used to live nearby. We didn't see any ghosts either.


A lot of people there at the time?

Suzanne Apgar

Bet I can guess where you got your interest in cemeteries! Do you remember all the times we used to go to Lexington Cemetery? I loved that place, especially the tombstone of the little boy, Emil.


Of course I remember! Hard to forget our shared morbid fascination.

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