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A lot of people are looking back longingly to this date one year ago and the days immediately surrounding it. Why? It was basically the last week before the U.S. went into pandemic lockdown mode. 

People started working from home or were furloughed entirely. Kids started remote classroom learning. Vacations were suspended. Offices and stores closed. Gyms and pools shut down. Concerts, plays, and movies were canceled. Dining in restaurants stopped. Stores had runs on toilet paper, paper towels, meat, and whatever else.

The trust was snuffed out of our world. 

That’s why people are looking back.

Honestly, I don’t see our world ever returning to pre-2020 status entirely. Sure, some restrictions will lessen, but I don’t think coronavirus and it’s plethora of mutations will ever be gone. Not from a lack of scientific attempts to eradicate it, but because our populace is too ignorant to do their part in making it happen. 

I digress.

So one year ago, what was our last official public get-together? A family birthday luncheon at PF Chang’s restaurant at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. 

That was when I snapped this shot of Nathan and his bulging eyes ogling a plate of oversized donut holes. 


This is a great photo of him for how it displays his wide-eyed exuberance and love of life. 

Gawd, I love that kid. 

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Marty Mankins

Great pre-pandemic capture.

I had two concerts cancelled in March 2020 - Killswitch Engage and Tool. March 10th both were still on. March 12th, both were cancelled/postponed (I got a refund on my Tool tickets but still holding my Killswitch Engage ticket as we wait for a 2021 rescheduled date)


I don’t know Killswitch at all, TBH. But to miss out on Tool would suck. Especially after that last album of theirs. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com


I don’t know Killswitch at all, TBH. But to miss out on Tool would suck. Especially after that last album of theirs. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

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