It really drives me nuts when sellers on eBay can’t be bothered to post clear product photos so you can see the product and its condition...


Did you use a Nokia flip phone for that?

...Or post photos of the actual product instead of some generic stand in or screen capture...


Have you ever seen a cassette with square art?

...Or be bothered to post a usable description of a product...


Gee, thanks.

What point is there in any of this? So much for truth in advertising. 

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Mar 26
Last night, I downloaded a 300-page book to my Fire tab. I also downloaded 3 150-page graphic novels and 15 issues of Black Panther comic books. And, woah nelly, that thing weighs a ton! Ba-dum-BSSHHH! My jokes might be lacking...
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Mar 28
Interesting thing happened recently. Katie got an email in her personal account about her Hulu subscription that included the name Karl in the welcome. As our Hulu subscription is in my name and email address, she deleted the email thinking...


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