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I’ve really got little to nothing original to say today. So I’m gonna hook y’all up with some cool stuff I found on YouTube.

I’m hit or miss with Sacha Baron Cohen. I find him a bit off putting most of the time. But his award-season snippets and interviews have been magnificent. This aired last night on Kimmel (the show, not the man... that would be awkward).

I found this via my friend Stacy’s Instagram account. Not a huge Melissa McCarthy fan but this looks funny and I will always give a shot to Octavia Spencer. She’s brilliant in everything. Calling Thunder Force!

Found this via my buddy Dave2 on his blog. It’s not funny, just a little upsetting and, honestly, not at all surprising. 

Katie found this gem a month or two ago but it’s too awesome to not share (Hey! I got all three homonyms in one sentence!). Zendaya’s opening performance is really good, but Tom Holland takes it to a whole new level in the second half.

Let’s face it, Katie has become a full-on YouTube addict. This next duo, John Nonny & Dan Shaba, are some of her favorites. Most of the videos they do are trying to re-create cooking videos they watch online like...

But they do other goofy stuff like this toilet paper fortress in a Walmart. She finds them and we wind up watching together. Nathan enjoys them, too. The videos are worth it for the bad puns alone. This one is on their other account, The Pun Guys.

Could you imagine having a life that inspires this much praise and adoration? 

So much to watch, who needs TV?

Oh, I still do. Don’t get me wrong. You’re gonna have to pry Queen Latifah’s The Equalizer out of my cold, dead fingers.

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Suzanne Apgar

I really like The Equalizer, but just about anything with Queen Latifah in it is great!


Yeah, she’s pretty great.


I agree! 

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 7:18 PM Kevin Apgar <[email protected]> wrote:

Yeah, she’s pretty great.

Marty Mankins

Those were great, but my favorite has to be the Sacha Baron Cohen skit. Played off so well.


It was pretty perfect. --

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