Well, this was a little bit of good news yesterday in my inbox...

Hi Kevin,

As an AT&T TV NOW customer with access to 500 hours of Cloud DVR, you will be automatically upgraded to unlimited hours of AT&T TV Cloud DVR storage at no additional cost.

You can now record an unlimited number of channels simultaneously and access your recordings anytime, anywhere in the U.S. through the AT&T TV app.

Everything has already been set up, there is nothing left to do but start recording and watching your DVR shows.

I’m not sure it’s enough good news to offset this email from the day before, though...

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for subscribing to AT&T TV NOW and being a valued customer. We appreciate your business and are proud to be part of your entertainment—anytime, anywhere, on your favorite devices.

Periodically, television networks increase the fees they charge AT&T for the right to broadcast their movies, shows and sporting events. Due to increased programming costs, the price of your AT&T TV NOW package will increase to $75.00 a month, and your total monthly charge will go up by $10.00 starting with your 04/05/2021 payment.

I guess this would mean a lot more to me if we did all of our TV and movie watching through a single app. The damage I could've done in them olden times. Grrrrr...


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Marty Mankins

That extra $10 a month... that's a sizable increase.


It really is. I’m hoping it may drop back down. It has in the past.

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