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I tried. I really and truly tried to get into Lauren Oyler’s Fake Accounts. Honestly! I did!

I gave it almost 60 pages but couldn’t dig the writing style and just didn’t care about the characters. And I don’t want to continue. So I won’t. 

Life is too short to read books that don’t motivate you to keep turning the page. 

But it was part of my reading goal for the month and I’m gonna have to replace it in the list. So howsabout Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air? It’s been on my bookshelf for about a decade. It’s time.


In addition to that, I found a graphic novel titled Bowie: An Illustrated Life by María Hesse and Fran Ruiz at the library. Looked too good to pass up but I won’t have it checked out long enough to hold onto for next month. 


Just gimme that damn backhoe so I can dig this hole faster, will ya?

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Apr 2
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Apr 4
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Marty Mankins

That Bowie book sounds interesting. I had to remove a couple of books since I jumpstarted my reading goals for 2021. Just hard to get into books (both of them political in subject matter).


Yeah, politics can be tough. Even from the same author as I found with Rachel Maddow.

Marty Mankins

That makes sense as the subject matter could change.

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