Macro Monday 2021.15...

I think my old friend Stacy is starting to find her stride with #MiniMoviePosterMonday. I think she’s gotten at least two or three in the short time I’ve been doing this. 

The latest being the amazing Waitress starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion. 


Any clues who owns this 500 parsec stare? 


Answer in seven. 

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Apr 11
I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a great videographer. They’re not particularly creative or unique from one to the next. But that, to me, is not necessarily the point. I make them to document our life. Something for...
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Apr 13
I realized something the other day as I was listening to Corbin Reiff's book Total F*cking Godhead: The Biography of Chris Cornell, I think music memoirs and biographies might just be my favorite genre of book. I started picking through...


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