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Okay, I admit it may seem like a bit of nitpicking to make sure you, as a contestant in #MiniMoviePosterMonday (or any of my macro challenges, for that matter), put the full title of the movie in your guess. But it really is not.

If you make a partial guess and someone comes along later with a correct full title, I'm giving the win to the full title. After all, Star Wars is not the same thing as The Empire Strikes Back. Both are Star Wars movies, sure, but they are different films within that series.

So, I apologize to the winner of last week's challenge photo for making him dig deeper and give me the full title, but he still won! So, yay, @chicagomatt! The correct full answer was Kingsman: The Secret Service. Great movie, if you haven't seen it.


Any sweet, sweet guesses on this photo? I love this movie, FTR.


See you in seven.

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